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my portfolio

Guess The Word Game

HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox, and Javascript

A fun game with interactive messages and button functions.

Guess The Word Game

GitHub Repo Gallery

HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox, and Javascript

A javascript project organizing repos and pulling from github API.

GitHUb Repo Gallery

Unplugged Retreat Website

HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox

A fully responsive, multi-page website.

Unpugged Retreat

Jubilee Austen Website

HTML5 & CSS3 Website

Website project with a one page layout with navigation for ease of finding the section fast and easily.


about me

Hi my name is Dru!
I am Web Developer who's passionate about creating responsive & user friendly websites. I am a builder at heart, so whether building websites or out in my shop I'm ready to build! I have a great eye for detail and building things are my thing. Let's create your thing!