Welcome to the shop

Small desk I built for my daughters room.

Small Desk

Baseball diamond shaped display. (for all my mini helmets im collecting)

Baseball Diamond

A patio table I built for my in-laws 25th anniversary.

Artic Cat Table

A bookcase for my daughters room.


A fun coffee table.

Coffee Table

A new headboard for the bedroom.

Garden bench.


A patio set I built for my wife. (she loves being on the patio now)

Patio Furniture

This is my BMW. (Basic Mobile Workbench)

Basic Mobile Workbench

A simple Noodle Board.

Noodle Board

A small cabinet with doors and shelfs.


Seating chart for our wedding.

Seating Chart

Cupcake stands for our wedding.

Cupcake Ladder

An easel for the welcome sign at our wedding.


A little project my daughter and I made. (squirrel picnic table)

Squirrel Picnic Table

Made the dog his very own house (he doesnt use it).

Zeke's Dog House